Tom + Mat Attack 062 – Best in Klax

15.07.14 copy


It’s Tom & Mat Time coming at you and it’s going to be a Klax-ic episode! Ok, as you might have guessed from the Puns, Mat’s played Klax on his new Master System II, as well as a whole host of other games you probably love and he doesn’t…  But it’s new consoles all round! Tom’s picked up a Famiclone all of his own and a copy of Takeshi no Chosenjo to go with it! Then things get serious as Mat spots a reseller in Denmark, and Tom’s been looking down at the Wii U Gamepad for some Final Fight 3! There’s some talk of Valiant Hearts, some Revenge of Shinobi and also a little Transformer talk, just because we thought you might appreciate it!

Listen here.