Karma. Incarnation 1 Interview with Andrey Sharapov


karma Andrey Sharapov, CEO & Producer for AuraLab is currently working with his team on Karma. Incarnation 1. A "Classical 2D point-n-click psychedelic adventure, permeated with original humor and mind blowing puzzles." but what caught our eye was the dark and spooky world that is held within a vibrant and colourful environment.

We asked Andrey a couple of questions to find out a little more about Karma. Incarnation.

1. Their soundtrack is great, how did they come up with that style of music? John Kukaryamba (from Zmeiraduga band) is a friend of Alexander Kuvshinov (our art director and inspirer), so they knew each other for quite a long time before we started this project. When I listened to the music that Alexander chose for the game - I said that it’s the best choice for our vision, I really like the music of Zmeiraduga band too, so we never had any real doubts about it

2. What’s the deal with the full stop in the name?

The full stop after the name is there because the game’s planned as a series – nothing exciting really. So, for example, the next in the series will be Karma. Incarnation 2 – but future titles may still use the Karma. name, as long as they’re interconnected within the same gaming world we’ve created.

3. Like the visual style. What influenced the character's design, and why was black chosen as the predominant colour for the foreground and characters?

It’s a question for our art director and ideologist Alexander Kuvshinov, I think he has some kind of astral vision, like Pip and he takes images straight from the cosmos or astral world =)) And a some of sources of hi inspiration was the animated series by Zumbakamera and Adventure Time.

4. The game has a very original storyline, combined with unusual gameplay mechanics. What inspired you to come up with this game?

Good question, the games of studio Amanita Design I think, such as Botanicula and Machinarium. We all just love to play these kinds of games and decided to create the game we all dreamed of. I can count all of the good point-n-click adventures published in the last 5 years on one hand, and all of them have great commercial success.

5. We like our retro games on BlastProcess.com, but which did you prefer…Megadrive…or SNES?

Super Nintendo =)

Thanks to Andrey for taking the time to chat with us. andrey

You can find Karma. Incarnation 1. on  Steam Greenlight and show your support on IndieGOGO.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGw4sGVju4U&w=560&h=315]