Kerbal Space Program: Career Mode


Are you ready to boldly go where no processor has gone before? Join Chris as he continues his Kerbal Space Program videos. In a new series he is attempting to tackle the game's career mode, giving himself two goals.

The first is to place an object on every moon and planet in the system, which is by no means easy in its own right. His second goal is to gather a number of asteroids and create an Asteroid base (in the words of Chris himself, 'to make any super villain jealous').

You can check out how his quest begins by watching the video below:


Before embarking on his mission Chris decided to do a mini test run by recreating the Apollo 11 moon landing. You can see how he got on below:


And finally, if you'd like to see all Chris's previous exploits in space you can view them all over on his playlist on YouTube, which is embedded...yep you guessed it...below!