Standpoint Launches on Kickstarter and Greenlight

Standpoint Demo 2014-02-09 19-15-51-761

standpoint logo What is Standpoint you might be thinking, well as the produces Unruly Attractions put it:

Standpoint: A Gravity Shifting Puzzle Platformore

Standpoint is an atmospheric first person puzzler, based around a gravity shifting mechanic. The game consists of the player navigating their way through a maze like environment, making their way to the exits while the narrator offers cryptic advice. In the full game, each stage is based on a different stage of grief, with our prequel demo being themed "Loss".


While from the outside Standpoint may look like a simple first person puzzler but when you dive deep inside the games gravity mechanics, you'll soon discover that Standpoint has been inspired by games such as Aliens vs Predator, Portal and the hard but rewarding elements of Quake 3 trick jump maps.

If this sounds like you're piece of cake then why not checkout their Kickstarter and Greentlight campaign. Need a taste of the action now? Click here for a preview demo you can download today!

Standpoint will also be at Rezzed this weekend so why not stop by and say hi!