Tom + Mat Attack 099 – 99 Probworms


tma You havin’ Worms problems, I feel bad for you son. ‘Cause Tom’s got 99 versions, but Worms 2 ain’t one. -cough- Sorry, had to get that little ditty out the way! On this week’s TMA, Mat is debating buying an expensive arcade machine, confirming most Gameboy Color games are nonsense and getting surprisingly hooked on Puzzle & Dragons. Tom’s moved on from Lemmings to Worms, but still managed to fit in some Mortal Kombat, and even a few racing titles!

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MEGA MAY! Gameboyle Reviews

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.43.31 PM It's been an exciting month of reviews over at Gameboyle. For those not familiar with the YouTube Channel it's the work of our very own Mathew Boyle, yes he of Blast Process's Tom and Mat Attack podcast.

Every week Mat reviews a game from the Game Boy's massive back catalog as he continues towards his goal of owning every game in the console's library. Rather him than me!

Check out the videos below to see what Mat's been up to this month, a rather lovely overview of all the core Mega Man titles released for the original Game Boy. Enjoy!

Mega Man: Dr Wiley's Revenge:

It's a portable Megaman! Yes, all the joy of Capcom's Blue Bomber on the Gameboy. Does this game measure up to it's NES forerunners? Is it balls to the walls hard? What's the boss order? All will be revealed...


Mega Man 2:

Mega Man II seems to be universally regarded as the worst of the Mega Man titles on the Nintendo Gameboy. A sentiment even shared by Mega Man's creator, Keiji Inafune. Is it really as bad as the internet would have you believe?


Mega Man 3:

Leaping into Mega May comes Mega Man III! With the reins of the Blue Bomber's handheld campaign back in the hands of Minakuchi Engineering, Mega Man III cranks the difficulty back the to legendary status of it's NES counter parts. However, is this a fun experience on the Game Boy?


Mega Man 4:

Rocking on with Mega May has brought us to Mega Man VI! Minakuchi Engineering's hotly contested entry for best Mega Man game in the entire run on the Nintendo Gameboy. Is it all Rock-Man-Roll? Or a complete Mega Bust?


Mega Man 5:

We wrap up Mega May with the last in the Game Boy series, Mega Man V! Minakuchi Engineering's last handheld entry into the series, but perhaps also their best. With new characters, ideas and the classic gameplay formula, how could it not be?


You can check out the rest of Mat's reviews at the Gameboyle YouTube channel, which you can get to by following the handy link below: