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Night Trap Revamped Returns with Kickstarter


photo-2 Night Trap 'Revamped' is returning with the help from you and Kickstarter.

The iconic full-motion-video game, placing YOU in the leading role of a horror movie, is set to make its return in a new hi-def format!

Night Trap a FMV (full motion video) video game for the SEGA MEGA CD console (among others) was a first of it's kind. You controlled security cameras in a house while watching a short movie play out in real time, your aim was to watch the film but also change the cameras to see the different locations in the house to continue watching the story unfold and to look out for the bad guys that are envaded the house hold.

All the details regarding Night Trap Revamped and how you can help are listed here.

Night Trap is a huge part of Blast Process and we ask you to support the game in anyway you can, so please checkout the Kickstarter and share this artical with others. Why is Night Trap so special for us? Well Blast Process was born in February 2010 by Tom, Dave and my self with the aim to bring unique, creative and fun videos to our YouTube channel but most importantly content that we enjoyed making. I had just gotten my self a MEGA CD with a copy of Night Trap and we all thought this was a perfect game to start off with our video features on Blast Process.


You can see the Night Trap video below that we made over 4 years ago, now for some reason the sound has become out of sync over the years but after you watch it, that won't matter to much... The video is in two parts with the first being our review of the game and the second, well you'll see.


To our delight we recieved some fantasic feedback from the creators of Night Trap! We are also mentioned on there Kickstarter page

You and your colleagues did a great job with this! It's always nice to see our fans give their own takes on the material, and there's a lot of fun stuff in here. I think Commander Sampson will stand alongside Commander Simms in the Hall of Fame of great video game drill-sergeant types.

Creator Night Trap, LLC 5 days ago A big shout-out to Mike from Blast Process for pointing us to their hilarious send-up of NT: