Once Bitten, Twice Dead‏ Lights up Steam Greenlight - Heading to WiiU


greenlight_browse_logo Dark Day Interactive Looks to Steam users via Steam Greenlight program to help bring their game to PC users. The team also plan to bring the game to Nintendo's WiiU.

Once Bitten Twice Dead is a new MMO first-person shooter, set in an open world with a serious zombie problem! Humanity have holed themselves up in camps after the 'falling' - a catastrophic event that spawned the munchers, survivors only venture out for precious building materials, guns and ammo, and, of course, food and water. Do you have what it takes to lead a team to survive? Or are you a lone wolf, looking after number 1?

Think Minecraft, The Walking Dead and DayZ. Sound like your kinda zombie game? Watch the trailer below and remember to hit that like button on the Greenlight page to help this game reach Steam.