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We Protect The Brick on this week's Beat The App!


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 20.53.59Beat The App is back for another week, video number 5! You can catch up on the rest of the videos, right here. Protect The Brick is our next game, an iOS arcade action game by S--P. In this game you simple hold your finger down on the brick and protect it from other bricks that fire from a spinning turret thats based in the centre of the screen, this can be done by moving your block around the screen. Sounds simple? Well watch and find out!


Crossy Road on Beat The App | Game Show #4 Can Chickens swim?


crossyroad_featureCrossy Road joins our new feature, Beat The App. New to Beat The App? Well its simple! We all play a game that we've never played before and have three goes each with whoever has the highest score wins the challenge.


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Rocky River - Beat The App | Game Show #1

Powder Alpine Simulator - Beat The App Game Show #2

RETRY - Beat The App | Game Show #3

Powder Alpine Simulator On Beat The App | Game Show #2


beat the app logoOn Today's Beat The App we enjoy some down hill skiing with Powder Alpine Simulator from @BuckLumberGames. Who will come out on top and who will fall? Watch and find out on Beat the App! New to Beat The App? The rules are simple, we've never played the App and we get three goes each, with whoever has the highest score wins! All while having fun and supporting the indie community as we help spread the word with featuring different games on the show.


Have any comments on the video or created a game and want us to feature it? Get in contact and let us know!

Rocky River on Beat The App - Game Show #1 Swim like a Fish


logoRocky River - Beat The App | Game Show It's Beat The App! Our brand new Game Show where we compete against each other on different games and see who can get the highest score. We have 3 tries each and we've never played the game before, so why not check out the video and see how we get on!

The first show is featuring a game by Shaun Viguerie with Rocky River


Let us know in the comments below what you thought about the video and anything that can be improved. You can also recommend us a game that we could use in our next video!

Thanks for watching our video and we hope you enjoyed it!

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