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The Art of The Game



Hi guys Mel here,

Recently I have been looking at all sorts of gaming art in my spare time, from game covers to posters and fan art too. Being an avid Tumblr (of gaming information, film funnies and occasionally cute puppies) I noticed the flurry of amazing fan art blossoming on social media. As someone who can't draw to save her life, I wondered what is was that drew artists to certain games, certain styles and what drew them to do it in the first place. I interviewed Jodeeeart, an amazing artist with a passion for games to get her opinion.

Jodie, first and foremost, how long have you been drawing?

Drawing? As long as I can remember, I have been painting digitally for around 6 years now.

What made you chose this game (Assassin’s Creed) to draw from?

It’s my favourite Franchise for a few reasons. I’ve always loved history, particularly the renaissance. The first AC I played was AC2 and I fell in love with it. The character’s are always beautifully designed the locations are gorgeous. Every single time I play them, I come away wanting to paint.

What’s your favourite game console to play games on?

I play on the XB360 and am probably going to update to a XBONE but my favourite has to be the Sega mega drive, It’s so nostalgic for me. It’s certainly when I fell in love with gaming as a child, Mega Games 2 all the way!

What game, in your opinion, has the best artwork?

That’s a toughy, the AC art is beautiful, I recently bought the Thief Art book and that’s filled with gorgeous artwork too. I also adored the art for Devil May Cry 4. It’s really very hard to choose one. Most Games have pretty stunning artwork.

Finally, is there anyone you want to draw but haven’t yet?

Yes, there are loads of characters/people, Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania LOS is one i’ve always fancied that I haven’t drawn. I would also love to do a proper Bayonetta piece, I did one a while back but not since I started painting digitally.

Jodie's artwork is amazing, and I have the good fortune of it popping up on my dash on a regular basis! Tumblr is a hotbed of amazing artists, especially those focused on gaming; I would recommend everyone to check it out!

Find Jodie's art at Deviantart and on Tumblr

Mel over and out!