Lego Dimensions Voice Cast Announced!


11164726_1580442862241137_1705510257179333180_o The already exciting Lego Dimensions has got just a little bit more awesome with the announcement of a rather star studded cast!

Gary Oldman, Micheal J Fox and Christopher Lloyd are the headliners, but there are some great names on the full list! so without further ado:

Joel Mchale - X-PO

Michael J Fox - Marty McFly

Christopher Llyod - Doc

Gary Oldman - Vortech

Chris Pratt - Emmett / Owen

Elizabeth Banks - Wildstyle

Alison Brie - Unikitty

Bryce Dallas Howard - Claire (Jurassic World)

Matthew Lillard - Shaggy

Charlie Day - Benny

Jenna Coleman - Clara

Michelle Gomez - Missy

Ellen McLain - GLaDOS

Stephen Merchant - Wheatley

Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins - Jurassic World

Peter Capaldi - Dr Who

Irrfan Khan - Masrani (Jurassic World)

Sean Astin - Samwise Gamgee

Troy Baker and Nolan North- Every Game Ever Made

One Interesting name on the list is JK Simmons, who is probably best known for playing J J Jameson in the Spiderman films - could we be getting Marvel characters in a future wave?

IMDb also lists The Simpsons cast (As expected) and Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson (no prizes for guessing who they are playing!)

The game will also feature the voices of each and every Doctor by using stock audio from the tv show!

Dimensions hits at the end of the month, Blast Process will be here with the verdict once its out!