LEGO Dimensions


Hold onto your wallets and purses, as LEGO are about to completely empty it. Following on from the recently popular Skylanders and Disney Infinity games, LEGO Dimensions will mix playing with actual mini figures with videogames. Sounds interesting? Here is a trailer to give you a slightly better idea...


Sold yet? Check out some of the packs that will be available around launch time:


Warner Brothers, who are publishing the game have stated that they intend to release content for the Starter Pack for 'many years to come' so hopefully we won't see yearly additions of new starter packs and portals. Currently the game will have content based on The LEGO Movie, DC Comics, Ninjago, Wizard of Oz and Back to the Future, with more brands promised for the future.

The mini-figures will include NFC chips similar to those seen in Nintendo's Amiibos and Activision's Skylanders characters, allowing you to place them on the portal and get teleported into the videogame allowing you to take control of them. Get bored of playing the game? Simply remove them from the portal and play with them as normal LEGO.

The game is set to launch in September. For more information check out the official site.