Friday The 13th Special: Zombie Kittens


friday 13th on blastprocess As part of our Friday The 13th special I found the strangest yet cutest horror game to be seen. And we have...Zombie Kittens


So you play as a American civil war style character, armed only with a gun in a graveyard filled with zombie kittens dressed as soldiers. The evil rat king has stolen your beloved fiancée (?) and you need to rescue her, repeatedly! Every so often she will run through the hordes of zombies towards you, forcing you to move to intercept her- the only way to rescue her. Also other random hostages will flee, and if you successfully run into them they (unlike your fiancée) they will follow you, firing at the zombies on your behalf, as long as you don't accidentally shoot them dead!


The controls are a little tricky. Firing is easy - just tap the screen anywhere and you will fire straight ahead. To move you need to use the red circle on the bottom right hand corner.

IMG_1251 The big red button you use much like other touch screen circle pads but it's a little jumpy, and can be a bit difficult to play whilst you are getting used to all the controls. I'd also prefer it to be on the other side, I just think it would be more natural!


Overall it's a bizarre but funny little game which I have really enjoyed!


You can find it on the Apple App Store and on Google play. If you like a little zombie kitten war that is!

Over and out!