The Crow's Eye new teaser available. First person horror game!

Press Release: crows eye

We at the 3D2 team are proud to announce the new teaser trailer for The Crow's Eye, our upcoming horror game that mixes crafting, survival and research through a macabre adventure. We'll be ready soon to show some gameplay, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the new teaser trailer, introducing new characters.

Second teaser - Holidays:


And here's the first teaser in case you missed it:

First teaser- A close night:


About The Crow's Eye

The Crow’s Eye is a story-driven first person horror adventure. Learn to survive while you investigate the disturbing fate of the missing students in Crowswood university. Craft items, defend yourself from unknown threats, and forget all you thought you knew about survival horrors. They say you can’t hide, but you better do… or be the next.


Craft: It is not enough by opening the inventory and combining items; we’re going further than that. You must look for recipes which will be scattered around the levels and find a crafting table to create new items, parting from crafting supplies and simpler items.

More about crafting:

Survive: We will dispose of crafted items to confound the enemies or trick them, although stealth is the most valuable weapon when you have nothing at reach.

Investigate: Solve a great variety of puzzles, and progress through your investigation in different ways. You’re not supposed to investigate everything along the game… but Crowswood University holds some mind blowing riddles that you’re gonna have to pass through to unveil its mystery.

More about puzzles:

More info soon!

About 3D2

3D2 Entertainment is an independent studio born in 2011 in Barcelona. Emerged by the hand of young artists from diverse disciplines such as programming, design and writing. Their shared love for video games lead them to envision The Crow’s Eye, a story influenced by folklore horror stories, and modern games storytelling like Bioshock and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. When they’re not summoning monsters under the candlelight, you can see them wandering through those corridors:

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