Standby For Titanfall


titanfall As I'm typing this up I'm glancing over at the clock on my computer. In less than 5 minutes Titanfall will be released in the UK, which will lead to an abundance of Titans falling from the sky (although the US have been playing it for a few days already, those lucky people).

I've had the chance to get online and play some of the Campaign today, and I can safely say I feel I made the right choice when it came to which next generation console to purchase (I'm sure fellow processors Mike and Matt would heavily disagree with me!). I fell out of love with Call of Duty a few years ago, and while the Battlefield series has somewhat filled my FPS void I sometimes have those moments where I want to play something on a smaller scale. Less daunting maps...quicker rounds. Titanfall ticks those boxes and much more.

This isn't a review as I can't say I've played enough of it yet, however thus far it feels very balanced. The maps are fairly varied and in and all the game feels solid. Perhaps it is because it hasn't officially hit our shores yet, however during my time playing it today not once did I encounter any of the game's server issues that plagued the US release. It is safe to safe fellow brits that when you all jump online tomorrow you may encounter issues, although hopefully not quite on the same scale as the aforementioned problems. Be patient, you'll be wall-jumping soon enough.

For now I leave you with two small gameplay clips from a couple of rounds I played today. The first clip I just had to upload, although I'm sure a lot of people will find it easy enough to accomplish. I ejected from a doomed titan, weapon swapped to my anti-titan weapon, locked on and finally finished off the enemy titan I was just fighting. Awesome!

The second clip isn't quite as exciting, but I never once managed to escape on a dropship in the beta. Managing to do so felt like a true achievement, made doubly so as I was the only one on my team who made it! I'll be recording lengthier gameplay over the course of the weekend.

For now though, with the clock ever ticking down to midnight, I leave you with those words that Microsoft have plastered all over the mountains of advertisement that has been circulating to prepare the world for this week....ladies and gentleman....

Standby for Titanfall